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In the following I give you a few samples of my messages and quotes. They were transmitted to me spiritually in the course of several years. I am aware that some of them might seem doubtful or even provocative to one or the other reader. Even if I have subjected all transmissions to a critical analysis, it is to be considered that these are SPIRITUAL messages. As such I ask to regard them. You alone decide whether something feels right or wrong; whether you want to believe something or not. Always trust your inner voice.

Different from my book "Soul Portals" I would like to share some additional forward-looking messages with you at this point. This has the following reason: We are currently, in spring 2021, in a phase of drastic and rapidly developing changes - individually as well as collectively. Numerous people seem to be persistently held captive in feelings of deep fear and uncertainty. From my own experience and from that of people close to me, I know that visions (as I call them for myself) can help to better understand the events currently taking place and to view them from a higher perspective. This promotes confidence in their meaningfulness and leads to more serenity and inner peace.

I am aware that readers who have not or hardly dealt with spirituality so far, the meaning of the words may only open up in a fragmentary way. Perhaps this could serve as an incentive to open up more to these topics in the future. For as (rapidly) as things are currently developing, a spiritual orientation will be indispensable for the future, in my view, in order not to lose our grip on the ground.  

I recommend you to "feel" the words more with your heart instead of analyzing them with your mind. Because the heart is the entrance gate to the soul. And it is ultimately the addressee.

Some of the texts read more like an insight, others I would call "Schauung".  For you as a reader, it seems important to me to know that I received the words exactly as I reproduce them here.

In this sense I wish you now healing insights and deep joy while reading.

The tree drops its leaves and fruits in autumn,
so that it does not have to carry heavy loads in winter and
to bring forth new, fresh ones in spring.
Only man does not let go,
holding on to the old and overlooking the fact
that a new spring has long since come.

The one who keeps an eye for the good and the beautiful in everyday life,
draws throughout his life from an endless source of strength.

Whatever happens to you in your life:
It is the answer to what you did or did not do in the past.

As long as you can stand before you, you can stand anything.











To love is the most important purpose of our existence.


If a person hurts you, if you are angry with him, don't ask:
"Why is he doing this? How can I avenge him?"
Instead, ask yourself the question, "What is he teaching me?"


A person who despises himself cannot see the light in the other.
Only the one who loves himself can see the divine spark also shining in his counterpart.


EVERYTHING is subject to the process of growth: every plant, every human being, the universe....
Growth happens both externally and internally. Unstoppable and unceasing.


A person who feels only emptiness within himself will never become full on the outside.


In the next few years, there will be "incredible changes on Earth"....



Vision for the year 2020:

Those who "look" and work on themselves will experience a bombastic year full of happy surprises/fortunes in 2020. For others it will be really dramatic. I see a lot of suffering: depression and suicides are on the rise (due to sheer unbearable physical and mental suffering that is already evident in individuals). Those who treat only the physical body have hardly any chance to heal. Also world-politically all hell breaks loose. However, these processes are necessary to bring about change. The lightworkers have to keep the vibration high, balance, support, help, give strength to the people, talk...angelically.

In this year, many courses will be set for the future.

(Transmission especially on 3.1.2020, but also days and weeks before).

Again and again I am given the phrase:

"The coronavirus divides humanity".


It becomes all the more important to increase the love energy among people so that we can heal each other ourselves. Otherwise we have no chance to heal our traumas and injuries.

(February 2020)

People still use suffering and pain - mostly unconsciously - in order to receive attention, care and love through it. The new time demands from people to become aware of their creative power again.
You are creator. You are divine. Nothing else.

( March 2020)

Everyone now has to find his place, to recognize his very special task.

(April 2020)

What you cannot lovingly prevent, let happen trustingly.
(It then belongs to your life plan).

(April 2020)

Everything that is happening at present is under the special protection of the spirit world.

(Maundy Thursday 2020)

Do not go into resistance,
if a person, a situation, a circumstance makes you uncomfortable.
Accept it and see it as part of a (learning) process.
What you change on the inside will also change on the outside;
because everything follows the law of resonance.

(Easter Sunday 2020)

THIS is the time when "the earth is stirred up from beneath". And NOTHING remains untouched. NOTHING! Everything must now show itself to the light, will be illuminated, analyzed and at worst "disposed of" - so the picture I have in me.
The next 5 years are dedicated to the rebuilding and restructuring of many systems. It will be an exhausting, but totally creative and exciting time. And even if there will be friction and disagreements here and there between the decision makers, in the end there will ALWAYS be peaceful, harmonious solutions found that serve the absolute good of all people, animals,.... And all will participate with deep joy and devotion in the creation and design of this New Earth.

(May 2020)

Especially for you Germans (who have the Hitler period in your 'karmic baggage') this experience is necessary. And it will be MOST salutary for your souls, which are really occupied by feelings of shame and guilt. Therefore, trust and pray.

(Part of a comprehensive message on the spiritual meaning of the Corona Time/May 2020)

DIVISION is a necessary part of the (waking up) process. So is illness. You always need first the opposite of what you want to achieve as souls. Learning is not possible otherwise. It is like going into the "shallows of the soul"....You know what is there: Primal Wounds....Old Hurts...Karma...ALL THAT MAY NOW FINALLY GO. You are going towards a Golden Age. But it will take a little time for this to manifest here on earth. Just as health is not possible from one day to the next, neither is peace. In the deep suffering you make innumerable, important experiences. These are necessary to get on the path of knowledge. Otherwise healing is not possible for you humans here on earth (...) Through the division in the outside, the human being will recognize the division in himself: the separation from his divine core. There, however, he wants to and will return again. We help/support you in this process. Call us whenever you are in need. We are there for you. It is our task. We love you.

(June 2020)

By way of explanation: From the end of February 2020, the sentence "The corona virus is splitting humanity" was transmitted to me mentally at regular intervals.

Cycles close...
With every living being that you help, that you save, that you stand by, that you reach out to, that you listen to....
 you help you, you save YOU, you stand by YOU, you reach out to YOU, you listen to YOU.
YOU are the other and the other is YOU - understand that.

(July 2020)


That which is commonly called evil does not exist. As evil in the earthly sense is considered from the divine point of view all what is not yet conscious of its light and its divine origin. The awakening has not yet taken place - be it because a "mission" still has to be fulfilled first, the execution of which would be prevented by the consciousness and would prevent the spiritual further development of others, be it because the ego still exercises too much power over the human being. Both are in order. Everything ultimately serves the good.

(August 2020)

Nightly inspiration/VISION to 2021:

The energies will do capers. There is an absolute unpredictability in everything. In a way, this serves as training for people for later. Because in the coming years they will need their intuition more than ever. The connection upwards is then absolutely important. As children of God, we will be permanently connected to the Source and "align" everything. The training will be hard..., but also beautiful!

(December 2020)

Regarding the current events in the world, the words come:
A "cleansing process without equal - inside and outside"
as well as
"The entire world is being purged".

(19. and 21.1.2021) 

Healing frequencies will soon become VERY IMPORTANT. EVERYTHING that promotes love in us and thus raises the frequency will soon become (super-) vital.

(February 2021)

Becoming one with yourself is THE LIFE TASK.

(March 2021)


This time no longer tolerates lies.

People must learn to take their affairs into their own hands.
This is the learning task, so to speak, in the present time.

Our challenge is to train the spirit in such a way that NOTHING can harm us.

With a lovingly aligned spirit EVERYTHING can be made harmless.

(May 2021)

Human disappointments are no longer seen as such the moment it becomes clear that the one who disappoints you is ultimately your servant on the path to greater awareness.
(September 2021)

The world is moving closer together these days.


The spirit is EVERYTHING.


Whatever you do,

do it consciously.


The fact that there are no more healthy people shows how sick the world is.

At the same time, it is conveyed to me that "the spirit world has everything firmly in its hands."


Early in the morning on Good Friday, I am told that we humans all "go 
through purification processes" together.

Then: "These are different, depending on how the further soul way is 
planned: With the one more, with the other less must be purified. It is 
a great transformation: the GREATEST ever. Unimaginable for you humans. 
What awaits you soon is also unimaginable. But it is good, beautiful. 
However: Completely different (than what was/is valid until now). 
Therefore, many souls say goodbye now; because they do not want to 
experience this. Some souls are still "thinking", hesitating,..., are 
still undecided. (...) What is fear? A construct of the ego. The soul 
does not know fear.(...)"

"Those vaccinated who are affected (by side effects) and AWAKENED will 
pave the way for the New Medicine."
(Good Friday, 4/16/2022)

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By succeeding in defining disease as an 'enemy' to be fought (rather than a natural and profoundly meaningful, intelligent and life-sustaining mechanism), man is kept in a battle against himself throughout his life - with all the consequences that entails.

(September 2022)

Humanity MUST come to the limit of its physical and mental capacity for suffering in order to transform, awaken and ultimately heal.

Illness serves exclusively the expansion of consciousness and the healing of the soul. The physical healing is secondary.

"Even if, as you say, it sounds schmaltzy: Christmas, the festival of love. But it is unimaginable to you humans what great amounts of love energy are whirling around in the cosmos, so to speak, during these days. That is why many people feel better than usual during these days; but some also feel much worse. This depends on the state of consciousness of each individual, each individual soul."

(December 2022)

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