My Pictures

My self-painted pictures are unique pieces made in acrylic technique. The majority of the works were created in the period 2015 - 2020.

My painting happens exclusively intuitively and I do not submit to any guidelines  - neither my own nor those of others. I decide spontaneously about the motive, colors and technique and go completely into the flow when painting.

Over time I determined that I am allowed to paint my pictures for certain people and that they hold very special, valuable messages for them. And that the pictures will find them - or vice versa.

I would like to share with you the most impressive experience I had in this regard. A friend had visited me to acquire one of my paintings. She came in company of her little daughter. As the two of them looked at the various works of art together the girl's gaze lingered on one of the paintings. Energetically she asked her mother to please buy the picture for her as she really wanted to have it for herself and hang it in her room.

When my friend read on the back on which day I had completed the picture she (and I too) was amazed:It was exactly the day her daughter had been born.

Therefore if you are interested in acquiring one of my paintings for yourself I would like to suggest the following: If possible let your choice not be influenced by external factors (such as size, color, motif,...) but instead feel inside and choose the image that captivates you the most. Let your heart decide.

My pictures are available in sizes from 20x20cm to 100x160cm. The prices can be requested from me. Best for this you get in contact with me personally.




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